Berbagi Itu Indah


Praise be to Allah ‘azza wa jalla Blessing Giver. Prayers and peace, may always bulk for our Prophet Muhammad his family and friends.

Blessings always desired by everyone. Bring good to themselves and others. Could do not have to have excess wealth but share it with real SCIENCE #BerbagItuIndah #SPIRITUAL improve and add value in various forms of goodness

Allah ‘azza wa jalla is truly Giver Sustenance. mutual support in the sustainability of human life was actually created for the rich. Do not the rich treasures but rich primary liver …

Imam Shafi’i also warns that if we do not concern ourselves with kindness, we will be busy with sleaze. By taking the example of the Prophet Muhammad exemplified that work is worship.

More than just something personal, wealth Illustrations gave the blessing of life was described by like bees and flies
based on social values and faith SPIRITUAL

Work was started on how to choose the source, process it, until its use should be covered by the value of religion as a moral guide to life. Therefore, in the hunt for the blessings of wealth, the work we have to start with the always remember (dhikr) Allah ‘azza wa jalla and overwhelmed by the spirit of piety. But some people mistaken in understanding the meaning of the blessing that things were done wrong.

If faith has been arranged definitely done positive things Rezeki major’s kosher (eating healthy **) with air always dhikr …

Submit sustenance in dhikr after your legitimate business would be a blessing in your ISTIQOMAH as SLAVES


#true friend







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